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 Homemade Cashew Milk - Hazlo Vegan

Homemade cashew milk

Learn how to make fortified homemade cashew milk, an alternative to regular milk in terms of taste and texture.

15 minutes Easy
 Rosca de rollos de canela veganos con glaseado sabor queso crema - Hazlo Vegan

Vegan cinnamon rolls wreath

This vegan cinnamon rolls wreath is a delicious sweet brioche bread, rolled with a margarine, sugar and cinnamon paste that form a spiral inside, with an incredible softness and comforting flavor, ideal for parties and celebrations for its elegant presentation in the form of a three king's wreath.

4 hours Medium
 Vegan Aquafaba Mayo - Vegan Mayonnaise

Aquafaba mayo

Vegan Aquafaba Mayo is an emulsion of oil and chickpea liquid seasoned with vinegar, mustard, salt and lemon.

10 minutes Easy